The important thing to you shouldn’t just be how many years in your life, but how much life in your years.  In other words, it’s about time to  expand your thoughts and actions beyond YOURSELF. Because that’s the miracle someone has been expecting. Yes, stop narrowing your thoughts and actions to only YOU because someone is praying for their fruits! I know you would say, ‘no money’, etc. But you see, you don’t  necessarily need money in everything to light your candle for the benefit of others! Personally, I am living by this advice through these projects:



The goal of the project is  to help young people gather the courage to chase their dreams despite their space. This mainly entails outreach using the simple and power lessons from our own life to encourage and inspire the young and the old to move forward with their purpose. In a year, we organize nation-wide outreach known and styled as ” The AWAKE Campaign”. With the AWAKE Campaign, we ignite dreams and turn mere ideas into inspiring pursuits. Check our photo galleries for pictorial updates.


We don’t only write and speak to spark dreams. We build synergies with like-minded people for the successful launch of our literary works. We use proceeds from these book launches to reach out to orphanages, community driven initiatives and even support meaningful projects at our places of worships. We consider all of these as a carpedium of living our hope and essence.  In fact, one launch is due in December this year(2018). Yes, we will present hard copies of the Legacy of the public in December. After the official launch in Monrovia, we will join the AWAKE Team to proceed with the nation-wide version.

Are you ignited and inspired? Why not join us or even start lighting your own candle with where you’re and what you’ve!