J. Wilfred Zeon is a dynamic inspirational writer and speaker who is passionate about awakening the power and wisdom of people. He strongly believes no one is born useless and is of the conviction that every desirous person is just a mile and spark away from their destination. Mr. Zeon sees himself as that spark or positive energy driver. His disposition and everything about him shows it. His smile and enthusiasm never fade and finds it difficult to say ‘no’ to those who deserve attention. Zeon’s own life story is inspiring too. He spent over 18 years of his youthful days in the refugee camp. The ideas and mental teachings he picked up from his tough days gave him a career in inspiring people with his story. He speaks and teaches on self-leadership. Since 2008, Mr. Zeon has spoken to several students, aspiring and corporate leaders, at the AME Zion University, Stella Maris Polytechnic, Symte Institute of Technology, and the Liberian Refugee Welfare Council, among others.

Zeon has tremendous management and leadership experiences in his service to God and men. He has served on key leadership and Management positions at the Ministry of Youth and Sports; Liberia, Partners in Health Liberia, Medical Assistance Program International – Liberia, the Success Consult International, the Center for Christian Leadership and Counseling, an affiliate of the Flowers School of Technology and Management, Accra Ghana. He also volunteered with the Internal Revenue Service, Ghana, and the Liberia Youth Initiatives for Self-Empowerment, the Population Caring Organization, and the Liberian Students Association of Ghana. He also holds strong ties with the World Youth Alliance.

In fulfilling his own concept about the opportunity of giving, Zeon co-founded the Helping Hands Network (www.2hnet.org); an educational local not-for-profit, along with his best friend Tilman Hartwig. He has been an active infopreneur, educationist, inspirational speaker and development worker for the past ten years. The motive behind this site is to share his stories, writings, and projects. This site will provoke you into action. The principles and stories you will come across here will add something significant to your life.

Mr. J. Wilfred Zeon is equipped to inspire you for essence.  He’s an alumni of the Harvard Division of Continuing Education and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in Business Administration from the University College of Management Studies through the Albert Einstein/ UN Scholarship.