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Do you resent others because they don’t treat you the way you wish to be treated? There’s a good chance they don’t completely understand how you prefer to be treated. In other words, people don’t know who you’re because, you don’t even know yourself. Yeah, they don’t know how much to pay for you because probably you don’t know your own worth.
I challenge you to be clear, detailed, unambiguous about who you’re, what you want and when you want and how you want it. Let me ask you. Do you have trouble getting yourself to take the actions be who you opt to be and have what you deserve? Just be simple, clear and focus in a specific way. Don’t mind the names tag. It’s not strange. What would be strange is for you to head the wrong way because you fear names tag!
See, when you’re clear and certain about what you intend to achieve, you’ll even make enemies along the way. Right, to live your essence, you need to place certain boundaries around yourself!

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