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What if you take a few steps back and take a look at who you really are? Just do that for a moment. What do you see? See, it’s easy to be well acquainted with other people more than ourselves. That’s why it’s easy to admire all the talents and treasures in others and regrettably turn yourself into a photocopy. Let me tell you something. No matter how clean a photocopy is, it will not and can never be the original!
Now do me a favor. Imagine knowing yourself inside- outside like you know that lady or guy. Then take a close look at how you spend your currency of life (time) each day. Do you still want to be an original turned photocopy? What advice do you have for yourself?
Listen, the best way to be obsessed with what others have and what you think you don’t have is by first doing a self-critique. Yes, intentionally look inward before looking outward. I am sure you’ll gain an appreciation of your strengths and notice areas you can make improvements. Look, the way you see yourself is not how God sees you. He’s not a company that produces fake or inferior goods. Come on, turn your eyes off other people and look within yourself to be and give your best. I do this a lot to keep living my essence. You can do it too.

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