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When I spoke to a group of young people the other day, we shared something interesting that I want to relay here very quickly. At the Q&A Session, many of them kept asking and saying the same thing. What’s responsible for your firmed belief in the future and enthusiasm? Your positive attitude and energy seem not to be concerned about the hardship, frustration and tough times around here, they said.

Well, I have seen, touched and survived many tough times. Besides me, there’re many evidences around. Yes, there are people who were born in poverty and grew out of it. In fact, I believe every setback has a comeback effect hidden inside. Just ask a mango seed that survived the sun, heat and sometimes heavy rains before its germination you will understand what I mean.

Listen, anything that didn’t knocked you down is conqurrable. So if you think what you’re going through is hard, get harder on yourself. See, if you want your sun to shine, it must first burns. You’re actually living now because what’s ahead of you is fantastic.

Let me wrap up by reminding you. Your past has no future in it and your future has no past in it. BE ENCOURAGED!

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