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Maybe you’re 20, 30, 40 or even 50yrs old currently. That’s several years of solid experiences already. Yes, in between, you’ve gone through some of the best and worst moments. That’s why those knowledge and lessons aren’t just worth ignoring! See, it only takes 6 years to get a high school experience. And 4 years or even less for a college experience translated in certificates. After that, you feel comfortable with the BA, BSc, AA, etc Licenses to drive your career.

Similarly, you’ve had over 10 years of ideas beyond those certificates. Yet, you’re not concerned about turning those experiences into expertise. Look, you don’t only need certificates to certify your life. In other words, you don’t only need certificates to be an expert. More importantly, you need experiences too. The word expert is derived from ‘expertise’. Experts are simply people who put their experiences to practice to deliver the right results at the right time.

Just look around you. What you see are other people experiences transferred into expertise. Are you still comfortable keeping yours to your chest for all the reasons? Listen, you don’t have to be or have the best to start. Start and you will be or have the best. Matter of fact, that’s a way of turning your experience into expertise. Right, by learning from the protocols of failure and ‘try and error’.

Maybe a personal story would help drive this home. Barely six years ago, my friend and I decided to establish a charity. Probably, that’s one of our ways of turning our experiences of seeing, touching and tasting the unpleasant memories of schooling under challenging conditions into expertise. At the onset, we had to fight several bullets of opinions. “You’re too ambitious, doing charity is difficult”, etc. See, to turn your experiences into expertise, people won’t even believe you. But will you blame them? They’re not seeing things from your lenses!

Listen to me my friend. You are the parents of those experiences. You can’t afford to turn them into orphans all because of money. See, money don’t come to people. Money follows clear, impactful and practical ideas logged in those experiences. Yes, those ideas(experiences) you have posses magnets to attract money!
Someone said the distance between experience and expertise is actions. I am charging you to act on your experiences today and live your essence with your expertise.

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