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Have you ever watched a mango seed grow into a tree? There’re precious lessons in there that clarify this point.

Some of the mango trees you see today grew into the actual trees out of nowhere. Yes, a bypasser simply had a fine time with the mango and threw the fresh seed somewhere carelessly. And eventually the seed germinated into a tree to provide fruits and cool air for people who didn’t even notice it from the onset.

Listen, your present loneliness does not in anyway indicate your singleness. In other words, God is using it(your current loneliness) to validate something. Stop saying you’re alone in all this. In fact, you’re never alone!

He(God) is just indicating something. Yes, that he can use a basket to fetch water. You heard me right, to confirm that success isn’t a private property of few. In fact, it doesn’t have the inscriptions “Personal property of those born and raised in nice homes; other trepassers wouldn’t be allowed”.

See, regardless of your background, there’s still sufficient ground to live your essence. Yeah, no matter how many setbacks you’ve had, you can still come back!
Why do you want to give up when you can still make it up? You’re not alone, my friend. That dream, purpose, mission and desire you are carrying, has a God factor in it.

So like a mango seed rising up against the odds, he will make sure you germinate to protect his promise. Do your part diligently and leave the rest with God. He never disappoints. I am a witness!

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