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In school, I use to hate econs. May be because of the graphs, curves and logic that looked like quantum physics to me at the time. With aĺl the dislike however, I still managed to pick up some valuable lessons.

On this day, the lecturer showed up and said we’re going to talk about the economic Principle of Value. I was expecting complex graphs and curves as usual. But he made it simple this time. “Value is the economic price of something. And valuable things are things that are rare. In other words, they ‘re hard to find”, he said.

This simple explanation has since ignited my understanding about the concept of value so I elected to remind you. Look, you are so valuable that your spare parts can’t be found anywhere in the world. Yes, stop acting like a duplicate. Duplicates are cheap. You aren’t cheap!

See, when you go to watch Arsenal and Liverpool play, you’re not just going to see Mane and Ozil score goals. You’re simply paying for their value trapped in those talents.

Make yourself valuable, my friend. People will do everything to find, keep and associate with you! Listen, your life and other people dreams are even linked to the value in you. Find and nurture it. It’s simply the gateway to your essence!

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