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From Algeria to Zimbabwe, the tributes are still pulling in. And for the right reasons too. Indeed, the world has been awake since the news broke. But you see, that’s what happens when people benefit from the fruits of your dreams. Yeah, the world might not be aware of your entrance here; but it can still experience your exit depending on the impact of your dreams. That’s what I call the compound effect of dreams.

]In other words, you can still have a narrow beginning like a creek squeezing through a tiny rock and still impact lives through your dreams. Listen, the effects of your dreams can outlive you just like Uncle Kofi! I still recall how many peace conferences and meetings he led for my country – Liberia. I even thought he had a change in JD from from being the chief Admin of the UN to a chief Negotiator in the early days of the 21 Century!

I later realized he was a super negotiator of the future. He knew with peace, me and you would persue our dreams. He knew we would empower and express our gifts and talents in peace. Yes, Uncle Kofi’s greatest wish is for you to live your dreams in peace not in pain. That’s why till his last days, he kept challenging our leaders. Listen to this: “Any nation that does not invest in its youth is destined to struggle”. Uncle Kofi knew the factors in place for you to fail are more the opportunities to succeed in Africa. In other words, he knew we’re repeatedly chased by failure more than the chances to succeed.

But in it all, don’t disappoint Busumuru Dr. Annan. He believed in the power of the abilities trapped in you. That’s why from Cyria to Russia, he lived his life so you can have peace to distribute your value like he did. Right, he provided the platform for you to live your essence!

Sir, you disappointed the cemetery by truly living your essence before your exit. Rest in peace, Changemaker.

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