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I actually started my inspirational speaking journey in 2010. Maybe it’s because of the things I picked up consciously and unconsciously along the way. In September that year, my friend and Brother,  OneCorner Guy and I organized a four Day Personal Development Workshop at the Victory Praise Chapel in the Buduburam Refugee Camp. It was well attended. We had over 150 participants made up community leaders, entrepreneurs and students. I spoke on achieving financial independence and he spoke on the power of personal branding. We got standing ovations. The hand claps were as endless as the down pour of rains. After the sessions, the participants asked whether we had our notes written in books. Those questions appeared meaningless to me as I thought they already made notes throughout the sessions.

Then in 2016, I met Dr. Steve D. Cohen, a global public speaking expert and lecturer at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education. In fact, he made it part of his plans to speak to each member of the class to ‘learn more about each of us’. After lunch the next day, it was my turn. We chatted for about 5 minutes. I still remember what he said. “Wilfred your life is a whole book; if not several books. You deserve to be read. “Please don’t disappoint those gifts. I am watching out for you”

See, no matter who you’re or how stubborn you’re, God has a way of turning your eyes and energies to things and people that matter to your life most. Yes, he has a way of arresting you to protect his reputation trapped in the talents in you. I don’t know about you, but like Dr. Cohen said, my story contains several remarkable books. I have smelled, tasted and touched poverty. Even though I still got more to do and be, I have managed to turn my trying times to triumphant times. I gained control over my pains and turned them into peace. I used the chemistry of TIME to turn the insults into results.

And the mental lessons I picked up in the process are worth sharing. So I agreed with Dr. Cohen and Sis. Ophelia S. Lewis and started depositing them on paper. The Legacy of your 5 Senses is one of those. Guess what? It’s ready. Sis. Ophelia and her wonderful team at Villagetales Publishing(USA) made sure it’s in high quality. Thank you Sis. Ophelia, your kind is rare.

You can place your order for a copy on Amazon right here beginning July 7! Contacts for hard copies are also available on the site.

Living your essence is an inescapable  responsibility!

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