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..Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Muhammad Ali

Each time we’re faced with thought times, our default approach is to avoid them. Matter of fact, no one likes hard times! The sad reality however is, life is always full of sharp objects and frying pans that you would confront at some point. So what matters is your response not the escape route. You heard me right.  Your response matters more the regrets.

We respond to pain differently. Whatever your response, here is one thing to keep at the back of your mind: suffering tells you you’ve a condition to face just as pain tells you you have an illness to treat. That condition is your wound or injury. You need to treat it with kindness just as doctor or physician would do! Use need, desire, ambition and attitude as the energizer to the treatment package.

By the way, do you know that suffering is educative? That’s the main intent. To teach you something and help you discover yourself.  See, you suffered answering those interview questions because you weren’t prepared. That’s the lesson. You’re finding it hard to keep your job because you probably don’t have the necessary skills couple with your poor people skills. Yes, that’s the hidden morals behind the hell you are going through.

In your home, it’s tough to maintain the life style of your wife or husband; because you weren’t original when you both started dating.  So you see, the wisdom from suffering is irrefutable.  But we’re programed to naturally believe it’s bad. This prevents us from embracing it to learn the lessons quite often. Look, hard times can teach you lessons you would never forget. It would make you understand who you really are and what’s most important to you.

Not only that, it further examines the authenticity of your believe and trust in God. So if you’re going through some form of misery right now, brace yourself and ride the tide. Stand on your feet! Don’t quit. Sometimes, the intensity can make you feel like giving up. But by this, you’re also abandoning that precious dream that would benefit generations after the storms. To quit also demonstrates your lack of self believe and trust in God.

Wait a minute. Have you boarded an airplane? There’re practical life lessons in there that can wrap up this point. Whenever you get on board, the cabin crew will welcome you usually in a pleasant tone and take you through the rest of the protocols.  One of the key protocols is to fasten your belt. The reason is, there would be turbulence along the journey.  Similarly, you need to fasten your belt for your life journey. There’ll be severe turbulence, road blocks and obstacles. Yes, no matter who you are or where you come from, life has its own uncomfortable zones. But by working through these difficulties you can find some of the greatest teachings.

Living your essence is not a smooth curve. Be prepared to face the bombs, blow and booms to rediscover yourself and value the God factor in your story!


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