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Everything in life is a trade-off. You can’t have everything. In fact, wanting to have everything is a recipe to having nothing.  Yes, you opt to give up something to get another. You can’t just have it all. Accept that.

When you’re growing up, it’s easy to have several dreams. Usually, we believe we’ve all of the time in the world, isn’t it?  I remember having similar limitless thinking too; being a great inspirational writer and speaker without giving due consideration to the time and the trade offs initially. Little did I know that it takes tremendous time and efforts to get to the finished line. While I am not at the end point yet, one of the trigs I have discovered is plain and unwavering focus. Yes, focus more, my friend. You can’t simply get more done without finding and protecting your focus. As you grow, it’s super good to tailor your energies to one at a time.

Don’t just sacrifice. Sacrificing without focus is almost equivalent to not even sacrificing. You can’t make everything better. What you can do is to  make one thing better one step at a time through focusing your energies. Someone said, the ability to focus is a clear manifesting of intelligence. Right, focus can direct your sight, taste, touch and smell.

I know in our part of the world, it takes time to figure out what we’re good at and enjoy doing. But listen, your life is too precious to continue to be scattered without any direction. There’re gifts and talents in you that correspond to value all around you.  Don’t let them slip all because your energies and actions are not well directed. Check the other side of the equation and avoid falling prey to the temporary distractions. Their goal is to create disorder!

Live your essence with a clear focus!

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