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There should be a certain stage in life where you should stop chasing opportunities and make them chase you instead. In this piece, I will use the magnet analogy to demonstrate how.

Magnets produce magnetic fields that enables them to pull or attract objects. Similarly, you can become magnetic by attracting the right people, resources and opportunities to your life. But do you know that a magnet generates by itself? Yes, essentially what enables the magnet to attract isn’t outside; it is within the magnet. Like a magnet, the ability to have opportunities pursue you is within you.  See, to attract the right resources and opportunities, you must first start with yourself.

Right, stop looking without looking within.  Shift focus from external factors and focus on working on yourself. The great Albert Einstein, the man regarded as the most important scientist of the 20th century, said “Try not to become a person of success, rather try to become a person of value”. This in my understanding means adding value to yourself.

So instead of running after opportunities, focus on adding value to yourself and opportunities will come knocking. Listen, you attract what you are, not what you want.  In other words, if you want greatness, then be great. Similarly, if you want the Ivy League universities to be interested in you, you must not focus on the universities, focus on YOU.  Secondly, if you want a good job after school don’t focus on companies; focus on how to become valuable to employers. And if you are a writer or speaker chasing speaking appointments, must stop.  Write readable and life transforming ideas, build a strong relationship and continue to be faithful to your gifts and God expand you.

So here’s what I am saying in short. The harder you work on yourself, the easier it will be for opportunities to chase you my dear and the softer you’re with yourself, the harder it will be to have chances chasing you.

Magnetic people concentrate on developing the qualities that make them attractive so they don’t have to be in pursuit all the time. They understand that though magnetic fields are invisible, they are real. What makes you magnetic isn’t visible or tangible. It’s not exclusively the car you drive as much as the drive you have. It’s exclusively the clothes you wear as in how you see yourself and behave in the clothes you wear. Someone said, “Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today, I’m wise so I’m changing myself”.

Be wise; get to work on your attitude, character, knowledge and skills to live your essence!

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