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You need the trust factor in your game. Trust is one of the most critical assets any professional person, organization or nation needs. Yes, trust certifies and add more weight to your academic certificates. To an organization, a trusted workforce is even more important than the physical machinery or the nation’s resources. As humans, we benefit from the principle of inter-dependency through trust. So if you really mean business, don’t bypass trust. It values transcends every human interactions. Your career, business, or even dream transformed through trust.

Trust is a magnet, my friend. It attracts people, places, opportunities that can change your speed and direction hugely. Listen, the reason your employer gave you that job was because he found more reasons to trust your attitude and competency than the other applicants. Nothing else. Also, it’s because of trust that you are keeping your savings with that bank. The day they give you a reason not to trust them with your money, they’ll lose you as a client. In politics too, when citizens lose trust in particular leadership, they vote that government out. And from the investment perspective, it is trust in an economy that attracts investors.

So you see, there’re opportunities everywhere looking for the commodity of trust.  Trust is everything; it’s the fulcrum of every relationship. Trust is the foundation and cornerstone to that deal you are eyeing. You can’t build any business connection with weak concrete in the form of pretense, lies and excuses.  Let me ask you. If you commit, would you comply or give excuses? If you err can someone trust your apology? Can they trust that you would be at the meeting with the proposal and contract in tight or you would cite traffic, computer break-down and all the excuses?

Well, whatever you would do, trusted people don’t give excuses. They deliver NO MATTER WHAT. Because they know excuses would only excuse them from further opportunities. See, if people trust you with little things, they can put more in your hands. They can even vow for the results of your actions without being involved directly or indirectly.

This reminds of what Hilary Hinton alias Zig Ziglar said, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. Let me tell you one more thing.  Opportunities and resources don’t flow to people and places that are in need; they flow to people and places where there is high trust.  So as you chase opportunities, think about how you can build yourself into a high trusted person too.

Focus on giving your employer, clients and other stakeholders reasons to trust you. Telling them to trust you is the least important way to go. Trust is a product of actions and not words. Trust has its own signals.  In other words, acting in a way that generates trust is the most effective way of building credibility as a trustworthy relationship. Nothing sincere in life flow outside trust, so live your essence with trust!


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