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We are done with the first month of the year. It’s not late yet.  In fact, we just got started. So here’s something to ponder to adjust your road-map.

Maybe what you need in 2018 isn’t a new job, a change in career or even a change in location.  What you really need may rather be consistency at what you’re doing now. You got me right, at times, when you hear the success stories of other people, you would be quick to conclude you’re not like them because you’re in the wrong space. That could be true but not always the case my dear.

Anyone who is extensively recognized as a professional, an expert and a highly sought after person has been intentionally practicing their trade for a while. You can’t become like or more than them overnight because expertise can’t be cooked overnight. Isn’t a fast food. It happens with time,  through the things you do, learn and practice consistently. If you see anyone who you think has suddenly become an expert, do further research and you’re most likely to discover he or she has had years of preparation without going public. The spotlight is only placed on him or her now for the countless preparation behind the scenes.

This reminds me of what Tony Robbins,  one of America’s celebrated motivational speaker said. “It’s not what you do once in a while that shapes your lives. It’s rather what you do repeatedly”.  Excellence, they say, is not an act but a habit. In other words, what you do consistently with passion will bring you the expertise you’re looking for. If you decide to abandon your career or business just because you’re not doing well, you might be scoring an own goal;  think twice.

So if teaching is your thing, keep on teaching. If preaching is your passion, keep on preaching and if selling brings you fulfillment, keep on selling with passion. As you continue and improve at it, the success you are expecting will come. Here’s one last thing I want you to grab.  If you want to be taken seriously in life, be passionately consistent my friend.

You can still live your essence!


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