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As you set your new year resolutions for 2018, I just want to share with you these life resolutions too.

  1. Remember,  you are human just as everybody else.
  2. What you know is not all there’s to know.
  3. Your attitude is key to your destiny.
  4. Your name is more precious than your title.
  5. Don’t forget, choices do have corresponding and sometimes disproportionate consequences.
  6. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, nobody will. The full curriculum for self-belief is inside you. Search well and you find it.
  7. Like a counterfeit, cheap popularity does not last.
  8. In life, just as there are opportunities to succeed, there are also traps to fail bigly. Be alert.
  9. God made you weak in other areas for you to fill people who will staff your weaknesses.
  10. Hard work will not kill, what it kills is poverty and mediocrity.
  11. LIFE is living for essence – LIFE
  12. Before LIFE counts you, you must count the life in you.

Happy New Year!

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