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As an inspirational writer and speaker, I intend to reach several people through my messages. But as an awakened mind, only a few people can work closely with me. The reason is simple. I deliberately do not accept excuses. I am of the conviction that excuses will only succeed at excusing you from your path to greater things. Yes, I am not easily impressed because the criteria I set are usually beyond the physical sight. And my reasoning for this is that whatever you have achieved so far speaks volume of the tremendous might in you to be and do more.  I consider myself a stretcher.

Many people see a stretcher as an opus that is used for moving sick, wounded or dead people. Another definition of a stretcher, however, is any person or thing that stretches. Your Life stretchers are people, experiences, events or organizations that demand more from us than our past performance. In other words, they don’t give you assignments that you know you can deliver; they give you assignments that are a little beyond what you know you can do.

I like the way Les Brown, one of America greatest motivational speakers puts it. “Align yourself with people that you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who are stretching and searching and seeking some higher ground in life”. Stretchers take you from the zone of mediocrity, ordinariness, and normalcy and thrust you into the zone of excellence, extra-ordinariness and ‘ab-normalcy’. If you want to accomplish greater things than you have in the past, you must associate with stretchers.

Anyone who does not demand more from you than you are capable is not positioning you well for your future. The people who make you feel comfortable are helping you to create an uncomfortable future for you. The people who sing your praises all the time are not your friends, they are enemies of your greatness. The people who are always pushing you, pressing your buttons, piling pressure on you may be the true partners of the future you desire.

If I were you, I’ll spend more time with stretchers of life and less time with comforters, mediocre people and praise singers. Who are the stretchers in your life? What has been your attitude towards them? If did not get anything at all from this piece, I want you to grasp this. It is not everyone who gives you a headache in that office, company, organization or on that project that hates you. Some of them are stretchers, be alert.

You can still live your essence!


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