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While working at the Ministry of Youth and Sports between 2013 and early 2014, I was opportune to watch the national team train for a match against the black stars of Ghana. I quietly picked up self-leadership concepts from the players and coaches rehearsals that I want to share with you.

I believe most people see the players on an actual football pitch, but only a few witness their practice sessions.  There’s actually hard work that goes behind the scenes before the actual play on the football field. Yes,  when you see William Jebor’s beautiful plays, effortless dribbles, and prolific goal scoring ability, it’s easy to say that “this guy’s got talent” and not see the hours of training he does. Now let me tell you:  Behind every great player’s goal, dribble, and excellent performance, lies hours of painstaking, tedious, long and hard rehearsals or training. Every time you’re wowed by a service or a product, remember that the people behind it had to sweat to make it happen.

Whatever you do, if your end users are going to enjoy it, you will have to endure it; if they’re going to find it easy, you will have to find it difficult; if it’s going to cause them to laugh, you will have to sweat or shed tears over it. Books that are easy and enjoyable to read, are first difficult to write. A life that looks beautiful, admirable and successful today was first hard to live. Most of the time, to excel at anything, it has to be difficult for you to get it done. Difficult or hard doesn’t mean impossible.

If life is going to be easy for you, you’ll have to be hard on yourself. For clients to enjoy your services as a business, you’ve to invest a lot in training your staff and be hard on them a lot of times. If your supervisor or boss is going to celebrate your work, then you’ve to endure the exacting process you go through to make it happen. Don’t quit because you’re finding it difficult.

Life is difficult but you can still live your essence!

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