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1. God always send people your way for reason(s), so be alert.

2. Pay attention to your health. A good health is the starting point  for everything.

3. Your Family deserves more attention.

4. You, plus your God equal two and more wonderful things.

5. Don’t consider your race. Count the grace with which you run your race.

6.  Life never stops teaching. In fact, it is called Learning Implements For Everyone(LIFE).  So keep learning.

7. Trust is a long-term asset worth owning.

8. Being ready is different from being prepared.

9. The premium question you need to answer is who you really are, not what you don’t have.

10. You can make your own pasture greener.  Stop looking elsewhere.

11. You need to start and continue to BECOME.

12. Don’t only think and worry about the problems, think about the prospects and solutions too.


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