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Do you know you could become highly knowledgeable and skilled just by associating with the right people? Formal education and traditional methods of learning are not the only approach to developing your skills anymore.  One of the effective yet less talked about method to becoming more knowledgeable and skilled is through your association. Yes, you got me right – association, friends, fellowship, federations, etc.

The quality of federations and fellowships you connect with will impact your life negatively or positively. Treat your networks of people like the network on your phone.  If you want to make a call, you need quality network signals to make clear calls.  Similarly, you need quality ‘network of people’ to get to your destination. So if you want to flourish, the first place to start is the caliber and quality of federations and fellowships you connect with. Think about this for a moment: To become a medical doctor, you must spend about seven years with other qualified medical doctors and aspiring medical students; to become a lawyer, you must spend some years with other lawyers and law students. Whatever you want to become, you usually have to spend time with other people who have already attained those heights and others who have similar ambitions.

Someone said if you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl, but if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to great heights. It is almost impossible to run with wolves or spend time with eagles and not attempt to howl or fly like them respectively.

One of my favorite Nigerian preachers, Matthew Ashimolowo once wrote that “Association determines impartation”. Association can determine your level of knowledge and competency. You can acquire new knowledge, develop new skills and competencies merely by associating with other people. In other words, the competency of the people you spend time with the impact you. The opposite is also true. The ignorance and incompetency of the people you associate with also rub on you.

Now that we are at the end of this year, what skill(s) do you want to develop in the coming year? Who are the people you need to develop those competencies?  You must have someone in your circle who is there to help you become more competent at what you do.  The experiences and interactions you had are sufficient to audit your relationships for the sake of your goals. Maybe, you should stop that television show and pick up that book rather. Maybe, you should quit that constant visit for gossips and concentrate on something else.

Live Your essence!


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