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Growth is almost everyone’s desire.  Parents are delighted to see their children grow. A growing business is an entrepreneur’s dream. A growing congregation is a pastor’s dream.  The young man who drives or walks to work every day wants a growing career too. Every worker aspires to grow on the job by moving up the ladder.

So you see, growth is natural. What’s unnatural is a refusal to grow. Everything that has life is expected to grow.  However, there are few people who don’t want to grow and remain the same and at the same place all the time. Such people become servants of those with the growth mindset.

Notwithstanding, desiring growth alone is not enough. The deciding thing, however, is, whether you are ready to take your chances to grow. Are you ready for the growth you are so much yearning for? When growth knocks on your door, will you be there to open the door for it to enter? A lot of times, the availability of opportunities for growth isn’t the issue to me; the preparedness of the person involved is the main issue.

Let me ask you a couple of questions. If the next two jobs above yours become vacant, will you be qualified to perfectly fit in? If one of the biggest client’s in your market decides to do business with you today, will you be ready for him? If you are to experience a 25% increase in salary, can you justifiably perform like-wise? If an investor requests for a proposal from you today on why he should invest in your business, will you be ready for him? If you meet an employer at a tea shop or at the interview and he asks you why he should hire you to work for his company, will you be ready? Are you ready to take your chances? Taking your chances for growth is as important as the desire for growth my dear. Remember, success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Prepare to take your chances for the next level.

Live your Essence!

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