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My science classes from elementary and high school thought me profound principles and philosophies that continue to clarify LIFE to me. We are told there are four stages in the development of a butterfly – egg, larva, pupa and then adult. As humans too, we also go through stages. These are the infant, childhood, teenager, young adult, adulthood, retirement and elderly stages. No matter how you choose to order your life stages the true is,  God designed you to be progressive and better.

At every point in time, there are always three dimensions of your life – what you were, what you are and what you are becoming. The kind of person you were is in the past. What is important now is what you are and what you are becoming. I believe what you are today, what you have achieved today and what you have today are not all that you can become, all that you can achieve and all that you can have. Your life is not all that you see now. Your life is still orbiting.  There is a better version of you waiting to be awake and emerge.

At each moment, you are becoming something else.  Just as the earth orbits on its axis, as it revolves around the sun, as time passes, through your interaction with people, places, and things, you are shaped. The question then is, are you becoming a better version of yourself or a worse version.  Are you improving; depreciating or appreciating. Are you becoming nicer or nastier; stronger or weaker; becoming happier or sadder; becoming angrier at people or more accommodating. Are you becoming richer or poorer; inspire or expire. What do you think you are becoming?

Now let me conclude this piece from one of the wisest quotes I treasure so much “As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen the countenance of the other”. The simplest point of this quote is that our friends are either making us sharper or blunt. Like an investment project, do an objective payback period and return analysis of the kind of person you are becoming through your interactions and collabo before it becomes too late. The best days of your life are ahead of you.

Live your essence!


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