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There are more compelling reasons to keep you awake than asleep. So stop panicking and worrying. You owe this world the fruits of your energy, ambitions, and dreams. That’s why you need to be awake and remain awake. So this is your alarm. Don’t you know your generation is the most talented generation ever?  You are part of the most blessed generation ever in terms of resources. You have the power of information that no generation ever had at its disposal.

Yet, you are still asleep. You are aware of what you don’t have more than what you have. You know all the impossibilities more than the possibilities. This is so because the force of stagnation is aware of your abilities more than your liabilities. That’s why it is committed to keeping you asleep perpetually so that you can perish. It doesn’t want you awake. Once you perished; mission is accomplished!  Because your being awake would make this world a better place. Your being awake would break records and rewrite history for the good. Your being awake will shorten the distance for others and give them a better ladder to flourish.

Your being present would turn misfortunes into fortunes, minorities into majorities; give voice to the voiceless and turn plights into might.  Your being awake would put someone back on track and keep them on course. You opt to be awake to move mountains; turn sorrow into joy. Pains into peace; blow into blooms and problems into prospects and disasters into destiny. Be awake to turn gates into gateways, burdens into blessings. You can’t keep sleeping.

You have been living-sleeping for so long. Get up; wake and stand up.   shortsightedness, laziness, complacency, comfort, weak attitude and dependency syndrome and greed are the various sleeping vitamins still available to make you surrender. Some of these come in several forms with long and unknown expiry dates intended to keep you in irrecoverable sleep.

Awake. No wonder the word awake begins with the letter ‘a’. Achievements, accomplishments, and actions; are not possible without efforts.  Your wisdom will not function to the fullest while you continue to sleep. Being awake requires actions too. You can’t keep watching things happen when you are capable of making things happen. You possess the knowledge and energy to excel and expand people and situations.

Be AWAKE for your essence!

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