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“It’s not about making the right choice. It’s about making a choice and making it right.”  – J.R Rim

As a young man, I have taken some wrong steps and missed some targets quite often. But the decisions leading to these wrong and missed steps are all part of my experience portfolio. They have taught me the good and danger of decisions and indecision. That’s while I am glad to share with you this piece. I have learned that the only people who do not make decisions are probably the dead. Once you are alive, decisions are part of your arsenals of life. Decisions form an important part of your life. Your life cycle is the sum total of the yes or no, now or later you have made so far. Decisions influence our actions and our actions determine the outcome of our lives. Every now and then is a moment of decision. There are decisions we make consciously and those we make unconsciously. It is therefore important that we take charge of the decisions. We must be deliberate about our decisions.

DECISION is a choice made out of possible or alternative options. This means, there will always be options in life. For instance, you have had the option to wake up early each day to pursue your dreams or remain asleep and complain about all the reasons.  We have never run out of options. That’s why I believe when people say “there is no option,” they simply mean the other option is a tough one and they are unable or unwilling to bear the risks and consequences associated with that path.

But truth be told, every decision has risks. Risk is the uncertainty that the decision you make may not lead to the desired or expected outcome. But the risk in every decision is the explicit or implicit price you pay for your decisions.  In other words, decisions have consequences. So consider your life as the outcome of past decisions. The decisions made by you and those made by other people on your behalf all have consequences. Consider the risk very well, but stop trying to decide. Decide. Because your future will be constructed by your decisions and indecision. Your legacy too will be a reflection of the decisions you are making today.

IF YOU are always hesitant to make decisions, you are simply suffering from the cancer of indecision. People use indecision as a tool to waive the responsibility of decision making. I hope you are not one of those people. For your information, indecision is a decision by itself. That means being undecided is also a decision. Listen, if you refuse to take charge of your decisions, you are simply losing control of your life. You are surrendering your life to others. If you don’t pursue your dreams because of your persistent indecision, others will put you on their agenda for little or nothing. Let me tell you why people are indecisive sometimes. Because it’s easy. Yes, it’s easier to be indecisive than to be decisive. But let me also quickly remind you of what George Canning said. “Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.” Therefore, if you want to avoid misery in your life, you have to learn how to make decisions that give you significance and substance.

 Live your essence with the quality of your decisions. Stop Waiting!


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