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The greatest currency we have to transact the business of development and progress is PEACE. Peace is the greatest commodity a nation can offer its citizens and friends. It is an attractive magnet that pulls efforts and positive synergies. You can’t expect more in conflict. The only thing you can expect is chaos, rampant looting, and chronic immorality. What peace can build in years, conflict can destroy in seconds. For instance, a clinic built with thousands of dollars for several years can easily be broken down in few minutes by a sophisticated weapon and less effort. During violence too, human rights are easily abused. Children who supposed to be in schools will be armed to loot and kill recklessly.  Guns will be their toys and lessons.

Indeed experience is the best teacher. We have had enough of the defects of civil unrest. The growth of our beloved country was massively delayed for more than 14 years. Several people were displaced and many survived by the grace of God and the benevolence of friendly nations. We born and raised a generation of kids in foreign lands. We were given names to depict the events in our country at the time.

Today, those name tags have gone away even if not completely. The last time I was on the same flight with someone from Monrovia to Europe, the guy praised Liberia for the resilience towards self-recovery mainly after the Ebola.  True be told, I see many challenges confronting us daily. In the midst of these challenges, however, I have seen progress and potential for further growth too. In fact, I have been very lucky to travel the length and breadth of the country since 2012.  I mean I have traveled to the most remote parts of the country.  Each time I travel,  I see the young folks floating the streets of our cities centers aimlessly.  I get angry because I expect more from the country. And I expect more because I have seen and heard of Liberia doing more before.  While I demand more too, I know this is only possible through peace. Because the foundation of going forward is stability. I and probably you too, have been a clear example of instability.   That’s why I am calling for peace during and after these elections.

The young ones (myself included), need peace to pursue their passion and purpose. In other words, we need peace to fulfill our dreams and aspirations. We shouldn’t compromise peace for anything.  The route to power is not worth the peace of Liberia.  Absolutely nothing is worth this attractive product called peace.

As young people, we need peace to express our passion. If you are a musician, for example, you cannot exhibit your musical gift in hide-outs created by war or conflicts. You need a peaceful society to express your passion. In other words, we need peace to follow our dreams and aspirations. We need peace to aim high. We can’t plan the development of Liberia in chaos. As we have seen in the past, the only thing possible during conflict is rampant looting and backwardness.

Without peace, we can’t commit to our purpose. Nobody or country on earth was created purposelessly. We all have a purpose to commit to. However, we cannot commit to our purpose and passion in confusion. We need peace to stay committed to our dreams. We need peace to light our candles for our country and families to benefit. And finally, we need peace to equip ourselves for our mission on earth. As a nation, growth is absolutely not possible when we are at war. I need no further facts to explain this. In times of insecurity, nothing is more prioritized than security. Schools, religion, families values (all growth channels) will be abandoned hopelessly.

We have had stability for the past 12 years. So why can’t we keep it to pursue, express, aim, commit and equip (PEACE) ourselves for the future?  Let’s keep the peace because it is the most attractive commodity we can offer to our friends and development. Let Liberia win during and after these elections. Because if Liberia wins, everyone wins.  You need peace to live and express your essence!


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